From sock masks to nostalgia: this week's fashion trends

Going up

Dries Van Noten: so right. Photograph: Getty Images

Sock mask Face masks sold out? DIY hack: take one sock, cut open along the heel side, cut holes for ears, wear. Works surprisingly well.

Dries van Noten Currently spearheading a collaborative drive to “reset” the fashion industry post-coronavirus. Just so chic and so right, always.

Pool sliders 3.0 Unparalleled for their comfiness and arch support, they have finally found their, um, footing in lockdown.

Mulligatawny Christian Dior’s favourite soup, according to a 1972 cookbook of his favourite recipes. Fashion eats. Who knew?

Napoleon Dynamite Actually quite summer 2020 Gucci and Balenciaga if you think about it.

Going down

Daunts tote The only acceptable bag is a reused Supervalu one, as proved by Matt Damon on lockdown in Ireland.

Memories. Photograph: Getty Images

Nostalgia Sick of all your Instagram memories? Focus on nonstalgia, a less-than-rosy view of the past, as outlined in Carmen Maria Machado’s book In The Dream House.

Working lunch Try the eight-minute-meeting, introduced by Anna Wintour at US Vogue, according to ex-staffer André Leon Talley’s new book.

Football shirts The 2020 way to support your team until the Premier League starts? Bayern Munich have made branded face masks with profits going to charity.

Normcore Umami is next, according to the same trend forecasters. You heard it here first.