Soha Ali Khan on life with Inaya: I’m no longer the boss, she is

Soha, who is a control freak says she is not the boss of the house anymore

Soha Ali Khan and husband Kunal Khemmu welcomed their daughter in the world on September 29 this year. They named her Inaya, and obviously like every couple, their lives have changed too after her birth. Especially for Soha, who claims she is a control freak and calls the shots every time, but now it’s Inaya, who is the boss.

Soha describes the first week after leaving the hospital as “terrifying”. While talking to a daily, she said, “The first week after leaving the hospital was terrifying. Earlier, you lived in joint families. Now it’s just Kunal and I at home. Of course, my mother came for some time and his parents also dropped by. Also his sister, my sister and sister-in-law dropped by.” ALSO READ: Soha Ali Khan responds to nephew Taimur Ali Khan being paparazzi’s favourite, says the kid deserves some privacy

Soha’s schedule has changed massively after Inaya’s birth as she adds, “But ultimately it is just us at home. So it’s quite different. The obvious change for me is that I am used to being in control of things. I am a control freak. I like to plan and organise things, whether it’s fitness, eating on time and getting my ten hours of sleep. All of that has gone out of the window. I’m no longer the boss, Inaya is. Life revolves around her.”

But we like how the B-town mothers are handling their work together along with their children. Look at Soha’s sister-in-law, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Of course, she took a break after Taimur’s birth, and devoted all the time to him. It is only few months back that she returned on a film set. Similarly, Soha’s major time will be for Inaya, at least till she turns one.