Solidarity, a Historical Romance Book by Andre Wallace, Sees Increasing Popularity in 2021

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Andre Wallace, author of Between the Lines, continues to captivate readers with his slow-burning historical romance, Solidarity. Wallace artfully transports the reader to the so-called “Golden Age” of the 1960s, contrasting the political tension of the era with the personal struggles of changing friendships, forbidden love, and racial equality.

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Set in 1967, Solidarity follows five teenagers from rural Indiana, each with their own races, backgrounds, and uncertain futures. Lee, a young Black man, is unwillingly drafted into the Army, leaving behind his growing relationship with Julie, a white woman, and their three white best friends.

Lee and Julie struggle with the knowledge that one day they’ll be forced to reveal their hidden romance. Their friends, enduring the privations of the Vietnam War in a far different way than Lee, are soon swept up in war protests, the criminal underground, and the deeper question of where they belong.

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About the book

Solidarity will appeal to adult readers of historical fiction and romance. Wallace’s compelling characters and evocative use of language establish Solidarity as an eloquent novel with powerful themes. Reviewers praise Wallace’s work as “a heartwarming story about friendship.”

Solidarity is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. The book trailer is on Youtube:


About the author

After a lifetime of creative pursuits in music and film, Wallace turned to writing later in his adult life. He is the author of Between the Lines and The Children of White River.