Sona Mohapatra: I have nothing against Sonakshi; if she sings well, I will be the first one to clap for her

Who can forget the ugly spat between Noor actor Sonakshi Sinha and Singer Sona Mohapatra which took place last week? The spat ended with Sonakshi blocking the singer on Twitter. 

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Opening up about the singer vs actors controversy, which became the next hot topic of discussion post nepotism, Sona told a leading daily that there was nothing hot between both Sonas and that she was only expressing her view in general.  “I think it is all in a good space, we live in times where we can express ourselves. We have a different point of views. We can argue. Media seems to pick up the most inane things and blow them up. I post 100 different things happening around the country but that is not exciting enough for people to go viral. So, a comment on this particular thing was not on Sonakshi or for any one person in particular,” said Sona when asked if all is well between her and Sonakshi. She further added that her comments weren’t a mean to attack the Noor actor but were only to draw attention to who have actually worked hard to reach a certain level.  Talking about her tweets, Sona said, “It was a much more general comment about we should celebrate merit, people who work hard and who should go on to any particular stage after having learnt their craft and technique. That’s the general statement that I made. That got picked up as some kind of a fight between me and Sonakshi and it’s kind of ridiculous. I have nothing personal against Sonakshi. I wish her the best. I hope she has the best opening in all her films and when she comes on stage to sing she should actually sing and blow us away. If she sings well, I would be the first one to clap for her.” This all began when Armaan Malik tweeted in support of Kailash Kher’s statement which suggested that Sonakshi performing at the Justin Beiber concert will send out a wrong message. The spat soon turned uglier with both the sides lashing out at each other. Sona Mohapatra is known for hits like Bedardi Raja (Delhi Belly) and Jiya Laage Na (Talaash) among others.   For the latest in Bollywood, TV & Fashion download our updated Android App OR our iOS App.