Sona Mohapatra replies to Anu Malik's open letter: You have no right to be showcased on TV till you make amends

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Singer Sona Mohapatra has reacted to Anu Malik's recent open letter where he defended himself saying he could not be charged for any wrongdoing and that these continuous allegations were "suffocating" him. Mohapatra's comment came in the form of a lengthy social media post where she suggested that Malik register himself into a sex rehab. She even countered Malik's claims of the sexual harassment allegations being "false and unverified" by saying that the truth lay in multiple women's claims against Malik and his inappropriate behaviour.

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In her post Mohapatra wrote, "The only 'truths' that have surfaced after I called you out last year is that many more women have told their stories of sexual harassment, assault experiences with you. @shwetapandit7 told of her trauma of how you scarred her at a young age of 15. Danica D'Souza, Ex Indian Idol Producer told of how you harassed crew & contestants alike. Caralisa Monteiro spoke up too. Neha Bhasin spoke up a fortnight ago about her own story with you & many more who aren't known did too & in detail. Alisha Chinai corroborated the pattern & spoke her truth too. None of these women are connected or have anything to gain by speaking up about the predatory behaviour of one powerful, rich, perverted man."

She further spoke about the mental harassment that the survivors have gone through, due to Malik's sexually predatory nature. "What about the 'mental health' of all these people who have gone through this traumatic experience because of you? Did you care about them over these years?" Sona asked in her statement. She further went on to say, "You have no right to be platformed on national TV till you make amends."

After various accounts of harassment claims levelled against him last year, Malik was removed as the judge of singing reality show Indian Idol. But he was then reinstated as the judge a few months ago.

Mohapatra has also taken up this issue on social media, demanding that Malik be removed. Other singers such as Shweta Pandit and Neha Bhasin have backed Sona's claims, stating that Malik made them uncomfortable as well. Mohapatra has been urging fellow judge and composer Vishal Dadlani to support their cause and speak up against Malik.

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