Sonakshi’s #BaatTohKaro Is Trending, Are We Listening?

“Indians make up almost 17 percent of the world’s population — but we talk as if the 130 crores population is the result of eating some miraculous fruit.”

This is a dialogue from the film, ‘Khandaani Shafakhana’, slated to be released on 2nd August, which has Sonakshi Sinha playing the character of ‘Baby Bedi’.

The movie follows her journey as her late maternal uncle gives her the responsibility of running a sex clinic. While comments like ‘ladki hoke voh vale clinic jayegi?’ follow, Baby Bedi marches through and carries on with her business.

Watch the trailer here:

Why Are We So Silent About Sexual Disorders?

At the trailer launch of the film, Sinha expressed hope that the movie would help spread awareness and force people to think — We consider ourselves a modern and forward society, but why are we so hesitant at the mention of the word ‘sex’?

Open and public discussions on sexual topics have been considered a taboo in our society.

This becomes a major barrier in imparting sex education to teenagers.

The director of the film, Shilpi Dasgupta, says that talking about sex is seen as the responsibility of someone else — teachers, friends, or Google (which is the most dangerous). Parents avoid taking the job upon themselves.

Sinha also said that these are issues that people should know. Sex education is needed to make sure children are not misled. The films help that cause with an interesting narrative.

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Want Answers to Your Sexual Queries?

It is important to understand that hesitance is not the answer to sexual problems. Keeping that in mind, FIT runs the #LetsTalkSex campaign.

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