Sonam Wangchuk, Inspiration Behind '3 Idiots', Wants Indians to Boycott Chinese Goods

Jashodhara Mukherjee

Sonam Wangchuk, the man who served as the inspiration for Vidhu Vinod Chopra's iconic film, '3 Idiots', has advice for Indians on how to tackle the rising tensions between the country and China.

Wangchuk has posted a video on YouTube, where he speaks about what should be done to take revenge and teach China a lesson. According to him, there are two ways of doing this - one, deploying the Army, and two, Indians should boycott Chinese products and companies.

For the unaware, here's some context. Even as the world struggles to deal with the imminent threat of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Chinese and Indian troops seem to be heading towards a face-off along the Line of Actual Control or LAC. Both countries have sent troops to the border and aggression seems to be on the rise.

Wangchuk believes that the only way to defeat China is by using "wallet power." In the video, he says that while our soldiers are fighting Chinese troops on the border, we are buying Chinese products and goods which in turn gives China more money to invest in their army.

Wangchuk's video has gone viral on social media and now #BoycottMadeinChina is trending on Twitter.

In the video, the engineer and education reformer also stresses on the importance of Prime Minister Minister Narendra Modi's 'Make in India' and 'AatmaNirbhar' campaigns. Wangchuk also asserts that India-China aggression is nothing but means to distract the world from the actual problem in hand - Xi Jingping's failures.

"#BoycottMadeInChina #SoftwareInAWeekHardwareInAYear to stop Chinese bullying in Ladakh & eventually to liberate the 1.4 Bn bonded labourers in China, as also the 10 Mn Uighur Muslims & 6 Mn Tibetan Buddhists," Wangchuk tweeted.

Here's the video posted on YouTube:

Wangchuk's video, and the subsequent trends it triggered, is just an example of the cancel culture prevalent in our society. On Indian Twitter, if you do not agree with something or someone or are upset about a specific event or incident, there is only one solution - boycott.

A few months ago when the coronavirus pandemic had raised its ugly head in India, netizens started a trend to boycott Chinese goods and Chinese apps like TikTok in order to take "revenge."