Song Joong Ki Greeted Fans For The First Time In Awhile, Korean Fans Reacted

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Song Joong Ki greeted fans for the first time after a long time through New Year’s greeting video. He wished fans the best of luck and teased plans for a fan meeting.

Fans were hearing him after a long time, naturally reaction was heated.

He was not seen on television through dramas or movies from the time he got married till now. His divorce with actress Song Hye Kyo was finalized in 2019, and between 2017.

Some fans claimed his age was showing…

  • “So he’s an 85-er.”

  • “I guess he suffered a lot emotionally…”

  • “no but kkk do you guys not age… what’s with the judgment on his looks; does it cost you to write a positive comment?”

  • “seems like the quality is just bad?”

  • “I don’t know about aging but he lost lots of weight”

other netizens defended him.

  • “To maintain this much at 37 is already impressive”

  • “What’s with you guys who judge him based off screenshots. He’s as handsome as ever.”

  • “It’s obvious that he aged”

  • “He’s handsome…if he’s like this at 37, isn’t he f*cking babyfaced and handsome?”

Song Joong Ki looks handsome as ever he was before. he will be soon seen in movies and drama of 2021, like Space Sweepers, a space opera film, and Vincenzo, a crime-busting drama.