Sonu defeats COVID-19, Kangana wants him to 'appreciate India-made vaccine'

Shreya Mukherjee
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Sonu defeats COVID-19, Kangana wants him to
Sonu defeats COVID-19, Kangana wants him to

24 Apr 2021: Sonu defeats COVID-19, Kangana wants him to 'appreciate India-made vaccine'

Actor Sonu Sood tested negative for COVID-19 within a week of contracting the disease, and his fans were evidently elated. His colleague Kangana Ranaut also reacted to the news, albeit a bit differently.

She opined the reason Sood defeated the virus in mere six days was that he had taken the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

She asked Sood to "appreciate India-made vaccine."

Twitter: 'I see because of the vaccine you recovered very fast'

On Friday evening, Sood shared a mask-donned picture on social media to announce his negative diagnosis. Replying to the tweet, Ranaut penned an advice note of sorts.

She wrote, "Sonu ji you had the first shot of the vaccine and I see because of that you recovered very fast."

"Maybe you want to appreciate India-made vaccine and its effects," the Panga actress added.

Advice: 'Maybe you want to encourage people to take the vaccine'

She went on to urge the Happy New Year star to call upon the masses to get themselves inoculated.

Her tweet further read, "Also encourage people to take the vaccine so that tons of it doesn't get expired post 1st May like before (sic)."

Many hailed the Thalaivi star for her message and showered the thread with comments.

Fact: Check out the interaction here

Unnecessary jab?: Fans pointed out 'maybe' the advice was not needed

But another section of social media users felt the message was unnecessary, given Sood had himself started the "biggest vaccination drive," called Sanjeevani earlier.

For the unversed, on April 7, the Dabangg actor had posted his picture while getting jabbed with the first vaccine shot and revealed his plans about Sanjeevani.

He wrote the vaccination drive "will bring awareness and get our people vaccinated."

Fact: Ranaut-Sood had a fallout in 2018

Tracing back, they both had a fallout in 2018 when Sood walked out of Manikarnika citing date issues. Ranaut had rubbished the reason and alleged that Sood left the project as she was the one directing the reshoots. The actor had refuted her claims.

Samaritan: Sood has been busy providing assistance to netizens' needs

The vaccination drive is one of the many initiatives taken by the 47-year-old. He has been constantly answering pleas coming from different parts of the country. Be it the treatment of a premature baby or the arrangement of a hospital bed, the actor has been keeping busy since last year.

He has also asked more people to come out and help.