Sonu Nigam does not want son to become a singer

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Sonu Nigam does not want son to become a singer
Sonu Nigam does not want son to become a singer

17 Nov 2020: Sonu Nigam does not want son to become a singer

Singer Sonu Nigam, who never shies away from speaking his mind, recently opened up about his son's career plans.

Sonu's son Neevan is all grown up now, and there is speculation over whether he would follow in his father's footsteps.

However, Sonu, in a recent interview, revealed that he does not want Neevan to become a singer.

Here's more on what he said.

Details: 'I have already got him out of India'

The singer, who has time and again called out how the Indian music industry functions, said he does not want his son to live in India, let alone become a singer here.

Sonu said that he has already "got him out of India."

Shedding light on his son's career plans, Sonu added that Neevan is interested in gaming and lives in United Arab Emirates.

Fact: 'Don't want him to be a singer in India'

"Frankly, I do not want him to be a singer, at least not in this country. Anyway, he does not live in India anymore, he lives in Dubai. I have already got him out of India," Sonu said.

Details: Sonu's son is 'one of the topmost gamers' in UAE

Speaking about his son's interests, Sonu said, "He is a born singer but he has another interest in life."

"As of now, he is one of the topmost gamers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is number 2 in Fortnite."

"There is a game called Fortnite and he is (among) the top gamers in the Emirates," the 47-year-old singer added.

Fact: 'Don't want to tell him what to do'

"He is a brilliant child with a lot of qualities and talent. And I do not want to tell him what to do. Let's see what he wants to do himself," Sonu further said about his son's aspirations.

Criticism: Sonu has been critical of the Indian music industry

The singer, who is currently busy promoting his new song Ishwar Ka Vo Sacha Banda, has been vocal about his disappointment with the music industry in the country and the dominance of top music labels.

Earlier this year, Sonu had slammed the Indian music industry and called out popular music label T-Series' chairperson Bhushan Kumar.

History: Sonu also warned of 'suicides in music industry'

Referring to actor Sushant Singh Rajput's death by alleged suicide, Sonu had earlier said that one might hear about suicides in the music industry as well, adding that there exists a "bigger mafia" in the music scene.

The singer also alleged that the Indian music business is largely controlled by two companies, and requested them to be more compassionate toward newcomers and young talent.