Sonu Sood Calls Rajesh Kareer, Promises To Arrange Transportation For Him and His Family To Punjab- EXCLUSIVE

TV actor Rajesh Kareer had put out a video on social media, seeking financial help from people to return to his hometown in Punjab with his wife and child as he could no longer sustain in a city like Mumbai without funds or work. 

A few actors also came ahead to extend help. Yesterday, told you that Shivangi Joshi gave him a bit of financial relief and Rajesh could not thank her enough.

And now, we have come to know that Sonu Sood, who has been quite active in sending migrant workers back to their villages, also called Rajesh to offer help.

"Yes, Sonu Sood called me up last evening and asked me what problems am I facing. He asked me if I really want to go back to Punjab, and I told him that's the best case scenario for me and my family at present. So, he told me whenever I wrap up things here and are ready to leave, I should call him 2 days prior and he will get my transportation arranged. And make sure my family and I reach comfortably," Kareer told us.

The actor further added that besides this too Sonu offered me help for any thing else I require. 

Sonu Sood has surely come ahead as a warrior for many in need. Talking about Rajesh Kareer, the actor has also worked in a few Bollywood films, including Aamir Khan's Mangal Pandey. He is out of work since a year and a half.

Image Source: instagram/dharasrajesh,pinterest

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