In The SOOP, BTS Members Shown Their Amazing Personalities Through Their Paintings

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In the BTS’s In the SOOP show , the members were given the opportunity to rest and relax while doing things that they whould love.

All the members selected Painting out of many other things.

Let’s take a look at each member’s drawings below.

  1. Jin

Jin’s painting is very simple but bold. His brushstroke shows no hesitation, similar to his quality.

  1. Suga

Suga’s painting is so peaceful and comforting which is similar to his gentle personality.

  1. RM

RM’s painting shows off his personality in that he seems to have mixed different art techniques which shows how creative and imaginative he is.

  1. J- Hope

J-Hope’s bright and colourful painting reflects his personality of always being the life of the party.

  1. Jimin

Jimin’s paint a picture on a shoe. His drawing of tree is similar to his nurturing and kind personality.

  1. Jungkook

In Jungkook painting, it reflects his personality of working tirelessly to be the best he can be.

The ‘golden maknae’, he truly proves that there is nothing that he can’t do.