‘Sorry, I Won’t Say Sorry’ : Rajinikanth Refuses To Apologize Over His Statements On Periyar

Amar Singh Rathore

Rajinikanth has refused to apologize for what he said as his remarks on E.V. Ramasamy ‘Periyar’. Read on…

The superstar among the many stars, Rajinikanth came put of his residence to show copies of publications to the media outside and told them he is not going to say sorry for what he said about E.V. Ramasamy ‘Periyar’ earlier. This was done ahead of a protest which was planned by a pro-Tamil group to lay siege on his house.

His controversial remark on the social reformer ‘Periyar’ left several protesters angry and demanded an apology from the superstar actor which went in vain. Rajinikanth was clear-headed as he completely refused to take back his words and said that he did not make all that up when he talked about ‘Periyar’ and even carried copies of news-clippings. He said,

“There is a debate on an issue I spoke on and which happened in 1971. I didn’t make up what I said. People are saying I made it up but I didn’t. Sorry, I won’t apologize. I have magazines here to show what I said was true. I am telling what I saw. They are telling what they saw.”

This all happened after the actor had addressed the media and the people 50th anniversary -cum- readers’ connect event of Tamil magazine ‘Thuglak’ on the 14th of January which was held in Chennai. He had said,

“In 1971, at Salem, Periyar took out a rally in which undressed images of Lord Sri Ramachandramoorthy and Sita -with a garland of sandal-featured and no news outlet published it.”

This had angered many pro-Tamil groups and they demanded an apology from the veteran actor and some parties like Dravidar Viduthulai Kazhagam also filed complaints against the actor on Jan 17th.

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