SP leader Expresses Concern Over 'Unfair Elections' for Graduate and Teachers, Says Ruling Party Trying to Influence

Qazi Faraz Ahmad
·2-min read

Samajwadi Party general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Ram Gopal Yadav has expressed concern over the alleged disturbance in the graduate and teacher elections currently underway in the state.

The polling for 11 seats from the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council's Block Graduate and Block Teacher Area began on Tuesday.

Yadav alleged that representatives from the ruling party want to win the elections without contesting. “The manner in which the ruling party is trying to influence the elections, it is clear that the representatives of the ruling party want to get their representative elected without an election,”, Ram Gopal Yadav told News 18.

The polling for Agra section graduates and teachers has started at various levels in Etawah. While the votes were being counted amid high security, enthusiastic voters had already started gathering at polling stations since morning.

At around 8 am, Samajwadi Party chief general secretary and Rajya Sabha member Professor Ram Gopal Yadav first came to the polling booth. Here he said, “The manner in which the ruling party is continuously engaged in cutting votes of voters associated with Samajwadi Party, it is clear that teacher and graduate elections are not fair. I have been getting information about the way in which it is being said that the representatives of the ruling party are pressurizing the police and administrative officials at many places to win the election. This tradition being done does not seem appropriate from anywhere.”

Hari Kishore Tiwari, an engineer, who is trying his luck as a candidate from the Agra division graduation election arrived at a polling station in Saifai to observe the polling. Claiming his victory, he said that he has been engaged in resolving the problems of the employees for almost 15 years and he hopes that he will be victorious in any case.

Tiwari has alleged that Samajwadi Party MLAs are engaged in disturbances at the polling station located in Farrukhabad, where they are not allowing any agents to be made. However, the District level officials have been informed about the complaints of these disturbances.