Spanish city to force dog owners to rinse dog wee off the streets

Joe Gamp
Contributor, Yahoo News UK
Seville council is taking extreme measure to force dog owners clean up their pet's wee (GETTY)

A city in Spain has taken extreme measures to make pet owners act responsibly and clean up after their dogs.

Seville City Council has revealed it has taken measures to force dog owners carry bottles of disinfectant after their canines urinate.

The city expects dog owners to clean up any mess, including urine deposited on lampposts, walls and pavements.

Other municipal councils in Spain are cracking down on pet owners (GETTY)

What’s more local police have been given powers to enforce the new law, and have the authority to hand out sanctions to owners who don’t clean up.

The new rule is to be tested for one month in the city, before being officially introduced.

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The measure follows pressure from neighbourhood groups with residents complaining about the smell of dog urine.

And across Spain, other regions are taking measures to tackle the problem of dog mess.

The city of Almeria has enforced the same law, which came into effect in July of this year.

Campaigners in Torrelodones, Madrid raising awareness of dog owners to pick up the pet's excrement (GETTY)

Authorities say owners could carry a disinfectant made up of water and vinegar.

In 2016, Madrid introduced law, which gave owners who don’t clean up their dog’s poo a choice of a €750 fine, or a weekend of municipal cleaning duty.

In Malaga, compulsory DNA profiling was ordered for an estimated 100,000 dogs in the city in the war on dog poo.

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