Special Interview With Top Leadership Coach Amit Kataby: 'Can We Really Live a Life Free of Stress?'

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In an eye-opening conversation with Amit Kataby, Zen Leadership Coach, we were looking to unveil the secrets of living a peaceful and stress-free life independent of external events.

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Amit Kataby (@amitkataby) is a Leadership Coach based in California. Her track record speaks for itself as Amit has helped an elite-level clientele, including executives, athletes, and local politicians, deal with the uncertainty and high-level stress they encounter in their daily lives.

Hi Amit, thank you for this interview; it’s great to have you here! To start off, can people really live a stress-free life?

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“Absolutely, thank you for having me! Most of us treat and accept stress into our lives as if it's an integral part of it. We even use it in our language; we say things like: ‘that's just life,’ or ‘we can't expect to be happy all the time.’ Now, feeling one feeling constantly is impossible, maybe even unhealthy. But you need to understand that living stress-free doesn’t always equate to being happy. It means that you are not so dramatically influenced by outside events in a way that you can keep your inner peace. It has authentic power in it.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the methods you use to reduce stress?

“It really is a process. It takes time to unlearn a life full of stress and step into peacefulness. Many of my clients can't even imagine that kind of life; most of them come from environments that glorify stress as a measure of success, so breaking through this can take time, and it's up to the individual and their readiness and openness to the process. When working with clients, we will first understand that the stress they experience comes only from their interpretation of a situation and does not exist in reality. Now in that realization alone, when implemented effectively, will reduce stress reactions to situations dramatically. After raising their awareness of themselves and their reactions to life events, we will understand the basic human universal behavior through transactional analysis; it is one of my favorite methods to alter the ego state to solve emotional problems. It is also crucial for me to note that working with all thing’s ego is very comforting, and it takes a brave person to look at what's not working and deal with it.”

How long will it take for an individual to be rid of anxiety and stress completely?

“Good question. When going through this process, it is important to understand that the human conditioned mind is powerful and automatic, and it will sneak up on you without even noticing. Living a peaceful life is a practice, and just like any practice, some can show higher commitment than others and get desirable results faster. Also, this is a lifelong practice, and the world will not change after learning this, but you will. After about three months of practice, the brain muscle will get stronger, and you will be left with a transformed mind. So, when life happens, you will be armed with new ways of thinking and being that will help you deal with life's challenges powerfully.

Final thoughts:

Amit is an expert in her field; her direct messaging and methods are not for the faint of heart. However, it is not by accident that she is highly sought after by people in positions of power and influence. Visit Amit Kataby’s website at amitkataby.com to learn more about her unique way of communicating extremely hard-to-understand and counterintuitive ideas driven from ancient wisdom philosophies: Dao Te-Ching, Zen, Stoicism, and Yemima. She guides individuals, teams, and corporations through the journey of self-discovery, collaboration, unity, and conflict resolution, while consistent massaging is - that it is always an inside job. Her work in transforming people’s lives is inspired by her own personal journey of dealing with PTSD and the knowledge that she is the change she wants to see in the world.

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