'Spider-Man 3' stars post first look images, confuse fans royally

Shubham Dasgupta
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24 Feb 2021: 'Spider-Man 3' stars post first look images, confuse fans royally

You'll be lucky if you follow Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon on Instagram right now.

This is because the three actors of the upcoming third installment of the Spider-Man series have shared the first images from the film.

However, they have also shared three different versions of the film's title that have left fans wanting for more.

What happened: Each update had a different title

The trio uploaded two images on Instagram and followed the same pattern.

While the first image was a still from the movie, the second one revealed the title (just not the same one).

Holland's image read Spider-Man: Phone Home, Batalon's card read Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, and Zendaya's post revealed that the name of the movie would be Spider-Man: Home Slice.

Fact: You can see Holland's post here

Information: First two films of the series had the word 'home'

Interestingly, the first two films of the series were named Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) and Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019), making the usage of the word 'home' in this title rather natural.

It was after the contrasting names surfaced on social media that the fans figured out the stars were just messing with them.

The film is yet to get a final title.

Confusing?: The images show the bond among the trio

The stills only show scenes involving the three characters — Holland's Peter Parker, Zendaya's MJ (Mary Jane), and Batalon's Ned Leeds.

The image shared by Holland showed the three looking up at something outside the camera's focus, while Batalon's still gives the feel of the three getting inside a cave of sorts.

Zendaya's still shows the trio focusing on a laptop screen.

Context: It is incredibly exciting: Holland on the movie

Earlier, talking about the film, Holland had said it is the "most ambitious standalone superhero film" he has been part of.

"It's incredibly exciting, it's funny, it's emotional, it's everything that you'd want in a superhero film. I'm loving it. I mean I've loved all of them, but I've never had as much fun as I have on this one," he had said.