Sports performance and “muscle imbalance specialist” Ju Hearn recommends athletes to ‘heal before you “play”

Becoming an athlete is not everyone’s cup of tea. But being an athletic trainer is tougher. Not only do you need the qualities of an athlete, but you also need to be a great leader. Julius Hearn is one such athletic trainer who is slowly gaining prominence in the scene.

Born and brought up in Chicago, Illinois Hearn didn’t have it easy. Losing his loved ones at a young age made him realize the importance of being “healthy”. Julius adopted a healthy lifestyle and became a professional basketball player. However, he sustained many injuries in his career due to extreme workouts and an improper diet. During this time, Hearn realized the importance of taking time to heal before stepping back into the game. “We take our bodies for granted by not taking out time to rest and heal after sustaining injuries. We keep “working” hard without realizing we’re damaging our bodies forever,” Hearn said.

Using his own experience and learning over the years, Hearn decided to help professional athletes. “My goal is to help each and every one of my athletes to be able to play as close to pain-free throughout the season as possible,” Hearn said. He founded 360 Active Recovery LLC to provide personal training to everyday athletes such as runners, triathletes, and stay-at-home moms. He also founded Recharge Athletics to help professional athletes at the NBA and FIBA level with sports performance & recovery.

Hearn has helped professional basketball players like “Evan Turner, Patrick Beverly, Keita Bates-Diop, Marques Bolden” and more, achieve success. During the off-season, he focuses on strengthening the body to challenge the athletes in unfamiliar ways. During the season, he ensures that the athletes’ keep their bodies balanced to prevent injuries before they happen.

Hearn uses a blend of western and eastern medicines to help athletes heal faster and stay fit. Along with being an athletic trainer, Hearn is on his way to becoming an Instagram influencer. His feed will motivate you to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, even if you have no athletic ambitions. Under Hearn’s leadership, Recharge Athletics is gaining momentum in the sporting industry. They’re growing every year, and Hearn is planning to get into football and baseball soon.

From an athlete to an athletic trainer leading athletes towards victory, Hearn is definitely on a path towards greatness.