Spotlight: Changing track

They said being a woman isn’t easy. Then they said being a mom is even more difficult. And then they said being a working woman will be like dangerously balancing a rod while walking a tightrope.

Even if the wind shakes you or the beam breaks, it’s all going to be YOUR FAULT. No excuses allowed. No empathy extended. And no curtailing the tongues that will label you UNBALANCED, UNFOCUSED.

I was not scared of the labels. But I surely was scared of letting my children get influenced by others’ points of view when they had doubts. When they needed to confide or when they were hurt and needed soothing, I needed to be there.

If they had a fight and were angry, the words of counsel that they got then, at that crucial point, had to be mine and no one else’s as that was going to build their channel of thought, shape their characters, so to speak.

And how could I do all that and still make deadlines at work? So I chose to sacrifice my job for a while and took to learning NLP and be a Life Coach to my children.

Did I mention that along with being a wife and mom, I am also an actor? A celebrity who surfed effortlessly and by God’s grace through nearly three decades? Ranging from acting, writing and directing, to teaching dancing too at my institute in Dubai? Holding shows internationally to standing ovations? All this and more!

It wasn’t an easy choice to make. It nearly broke me. But all I had to do was change my perspective at looking at things. It is not a ‘The End’ in my career, it’s just a shift I need to make so that I can raise my children with all the ingredients they need to be well-rounded humans inside and out.

I want to make sure my children are mentally fit. My family should understand that there will be bad days, there will be low phases, there will be doubts, people will let you down and things will go terribly wrong even after you’ve invested your sweat and time in something. But the way you handle all those exterior problems with the knowledge you have inside you, is where my training comes in.

If I am proud to say that the body of work that I have done in the entertainment industry is something that I am extremely proud of, and it took me years to build it, then I should have the same passion for my own productions (my kids) and make them the best mentally, and be proud of the man and ladies they become.

I love taking on new challenges in life and always make sure they’re aligned with my heart. I truly feel being a Life Coach is my second passion. Helping people channelise their thoughts, provide vision to their dreams, and overpower the fogginess that sets in the mind from too much social media pollution is something I have a flair for.

Every person I deal with has been conditioned in tragic ways since their childhood; imprints of which they can’t shake off in their adulthood. Most of them shockingly are not even aware of this. And grow up to be complicated people with complicated relationships. This work fascinates me as I love helping people live life to their optimum best.

Personally, I have written two scripts, am working on my own YouTube channel with my husband, and am an influencer on social media for various brands. The children need to see that I am a winner and how I adapt to changes in a positive manner… as it is always: monkey see, monkey do. And they are my sweet monkeys, after all!

— Co-ordinated by Anju Warrier