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Fresh-faced Kareena is a glorious sight to behold!

The actress need not do anything to look fabulous. (PICS – YOGEN SHAH)

Spotted: Kareena's 'bedroom' look is beyond flawless

We often tend to forget that behind all that make-up and colour correction, there is a natural face of the actresses and actors whom we love. Our new breed of celebrities are now discussed upon and judged not just for their flawless look onscreen but also for how they look when they are out and about their daily lives, thanks to social media outlets like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan was spotted near her home, looking as though she just woke up to take a stroll. But boy, does she look gorgeous!

The actress told Vogue magazine, “I feel my best and beautiful when I’m fresh and healthy… and also when I pout! I drink lots of water and try to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Most importantly, I am extremely self-confident and believe in my work and myself, which makes me feel secure and beautiful.”

Kareena, you are truly glorious!

Photos: Yogen Shah