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Neha-Angad’s Love Story

Neha-Angad’s Love Story

Spotted: A very pregnant and glowing Neha Dhupia goes make-up free at gurudwara; looks ravishing

A very pregnant Neha Dhupia and her husband Angad Bedi were spotted at a city gurudwara yesterday. Completely make-up-free, Neha Dhupia looked resplendent and glowing.

Recently the couple shared their aww-worthy love story on the social network handle OfficialHumansofBombay:

“He tells me that he 1st saw me at the gym when I was 20 & told his friends, ‘I’m going to get to know her 1 day.’ When we moved to Bombay, we met at a mutual friend’s party–it was just us standing in the balcony. I saw a different side of him–beyond the jokes & wit, there was a sensitive man.

We were both away from home in Mumbai, so I always relied on him for support. He lived a bachelor life & the 1 place he could always get home food was mine. We became close friends–there was no façade & no attempt to impress one another. Well, no attempts on my part! In fact, he was the 1st call after a major heartbreak & he talked me through it–I’m sure there was a hidden motive!

He wasn’t low key about his feelings for me. I was shooting in Punjab & told him about a role for him. He didn’t ask for any details. He only cared about spending time with me & flew down immediately. After that shoot, he showed up at my parents’ doorstep & asked for my hand in marriage….I had no idea about it! This was when I was dating someone else! When Angad met my boyfriend, he was nice to him, but wasn’t subtle about his love for me!

Finally, at a party, Karan Johar took us aside & screamed, ‘Can you not see this?! Are you blind?’ You should’ve seen the look on Angad’s face. He had ‘I told you so!’ tattooed on his forehead.

When we finally decided to get married, he didn’t go down on one knee & propose. He told me I’d already wasted 4 years & declared ‘Chalo Dilli!’ to meet his parents. Then he said, ‘Before you change your mind, pick an outfit because we’re getting married in 2 days!’ Earlier, I loved the set life. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. But now I look forward to coming home to him. I couldn’t imagine myself as someone who runs to the door, but when it’s time for him to come home, guess what I do?

He’s currently shooting both day & night. When he comes back at 7 am, he makes me breakfast & then goes to sleep. We’re still figuring it all out & don’t expect to have it all together. Everytime we’ve planned our lives, they’ve fallen apart–so we’re sticking to the unplanned! The wedding, the baby, the parenting..we’re winging it all!”

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi, who are expecting their first child, were profiled by the popular Facebook page Humans of Bombay. In their photo, Neha and Angad can be seen smiling at each other, baby-bump included. Along side their photo, Neha shared a a detailed account of their relationship. She talks about how her and Angad met, how they connected over being away from home, how he became a rock for her and how long it took for him to make a move. She also spoke about how married life has changed her.