SR25: The Strong Foundational Values of the Asha Group

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Most people involved in business study and analysis look at a firm's core values to adequately gauge the quality and credibility of its brands, products and services. The core values also help customers identify better with the business and get an in-depth understanding of the company's potential and capability to serve them. A lot of quality and adherence to various standards is a direct result of having a strong set of ethics laid out during the foundational years of the business itself.

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Asha Confectionery is a leading confectionery business in the Indian market which produces and sells products under the brand name of SR25 (launched in the year 2013). Asha Daryani is the founder of Asha Confectionery and Deepak Daryani is the Managing Director of the business group. The confectionery business has received enormous recognition due to its highly progressive employee welfare programmes and schemes. For example, every worker and employee is required to visit the firm's salon and clinic thrice a week. All of them are provided with provident and employee funds along with health and safety insurance.

Asha Confectionery's products have also been in the limelight because of their high quality, taste and uniqueness. SR25 curates and produces a large variety of confectionery products which include hard boiled candies, jellies, chocolates, butter and strawberry waffles, moulding chocolates and cakes and even cookies and bubble gums.

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The Asha Group stands on firm grounds of ethics and values. Since its initiation, quality and hygiene of products has been given primary importance. Asha Confectionery also encourages and promotes a work culture characterizing empathy, compassion and team effort. It is because of this reason that the brand's workforce is known to work tirelessly on new projects and products.

Asha Confectionery has an effective evaluation procedure where people team up to understand analytics like product sales, customer feedback and revenue generation. There is fairness in all dealings and lower levels of management are encouraged to give their suggestions and ideas. The Asha Group works as one huge team of experts, workers, researchers and analysts. The top most leadership is motivational and available at all times for speedy redressals of employee grievances, if any.

Owing to its core values of integrity, fairness, commitment to customers and quality adherence, Asha Confectionery under the brand SR25 has become one of the most successful and trusted confectionery businesses in India.