Sri Lankan hotel lobby had an unexpected guest! And the video went viral; Check it out

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Imagine a wild elephant tiptoeing through your hotel lobby and checking out items as part of its daily stroll! Clearly, it is not what any hotel guest would expect to see! However, visitors at a Sri Lankan hotel had quite a surprise when they underwent a most unusual experience, namely – tackling an unexpected guest, yes – a wild elephant that decided to take a stroll through its lobby and very silently!

According to a report in NZ Herald which cited a video shared on Twitter, the wild elephant was seen moving silently through what resembles a hotel lobby.


A glimpse of the video shows an elephant strolling through, curiously reaching out to feel or touch things around with its trunk. A desk lamp, for instance, is gently nudged before the elephant decides to wander on.

The video shared on social media went viral.

Some of the tweets in response to the video made interesting and quirky comments about the video.

One person on Twitter reacted to the video saying, "Sri Lanka has some really great building codes if the floors are strong enough for an elephant to just wander around on!’ Another tweeted, "Bulls in China shops can learn a lot from elephants in Sri Lanka!"

Another tweet read out fun facts about elephants such as they can tiptoe around a place ever so silently!

Another tweeted the name of the hotel, citing the elephant’s name as Natta Kota, stating that the elephant lives on the grounds where the hotel has an adjoining safari camp.

The tweet goes on to say that this elephant occasionally visits the lobby! It also turns out that hotel guests are told to observe the elephant from a safe distance, according to the responses to the video on Twitter.

While the video footage shared on Twitter is unusual, it is not unknown for elephants to enter hotels. Way back in 2013, a video of wild elephants trooping through the hotel’s lobby. Later, it was discovered that the same hotel had been constructed on a walking track for elephants.