Sri Reddy Takes A Nasty Dig At Pawan Kalyan Yet Again With A Cartoon; Leaves Fans Angry!


Sri Reddy has never minced words when it comes to criticising or trolling the big names of the Telugu film industry. Many of her social media posts have faced the wrath of netizens, especially when she crossed the limits with her criticisms. The controversial actress has often targeted Pawan Kalyan by making fun of him through various social media posts. Most recently, Sri Reddy yet again took a nasty dig at Pawan Kalyan, by sharing a cartoon and this has left the Powerstar fans extremely furious.

In the cartoon that Sri Reddy has shared, you could see a person holding the flag of Janasena Party. The cartoon takes an indirect dig at Pawan Kalyan as one of his dialogues from the movie Gabbar Singh has also been used in it.

Sri Reddy has shared this cartoon through her official Facebook page and she has also given a tagline from her side. All these have not gone down well with her fans and many believe that she is going overboard in criticising Pawan Kalyan. The reactions to the Facebook post rightly suggests that.

Take a look at the Facebook post here...

The comment box is getting filled with angry statements and fans are extremely unhappy with the post. Some users have asked her to delete this post. Nevertheless, the social media post has gained the attention of the Telugu movie buffs.

This is not the first time that Sri Reddy's post is landing her in trouble. She had come up with some controversial statements about various actors, which didn't go down well with many. Sri Reddy is quite popular on social media and her official Facebook page has over six million likes.

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