Srishti Jain: 'Social Media Popularity Has No Relation To Talent'- EXCLUSIVE

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Srishti Jain enjoys a good number of followers on social media. The Hamari Wali Good News actress, however, feels that social media popularity has nothing to do with the talent of an individual.

She said, "Acting is an art, it’s feelings and emotions. Popularity on social media is a different thing, it comes from knowing how to engage and create posts and content that people enjoy. Whereas acting is being able to adapt to a role, managing the 100 technicalities, and performing, it’s a different ball game altogether." ALSO READ: Hamari Wali Good News Actress Srishti Jain Talks About Her Growing Friendship With Co-Star Raghav Tiwari

The actress further added, "I don’t think social media popularity has any relation to talent. I know so many veteran actors who aren’t even on social media and they are powerhouses of talent." ALSO READ: Srishti Jain On Becoming An Actor: People Laughed At Me For Running After Something With No Guarantee'

Srishti also believes that social media is a big part of our lives, and helps in bridging the gap between celebrities and their fans. "Social media is a big part of all our lives. I’m glad to be able to connect with my fans through this platform. It makes me happy to see the amount of love they shower on me. It’s overwhelming," she said.

The Meri Durga actress also shared that even though she is active on social media, she is very guarded about what she puts out there, and added, "I’m selective with what information I share."

While revealing how she deals with negative comments on social media, Srishti said, "You can’t make everyone happy and not everyone will like you. So I don’t pay much heed. But I’m blessed that I don’t receive a lot of hate as such."

Image source: Instagram/srishti__jain

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