SRK is enjoying a cool, spring night in San Francisco but guess who he is missing?

Shah Rukh Khan shared a lovely picture of himself all the way from San Francisco. 

We know that Shah Rukh Khan is in San Francisco to participate in the International Film Festival. The SFIFF is organized every year for two weeks where 200 films from over 500 countries will be screened. SRK’s My Name is Khan is all set to win hearts at the event as it will be screened today. What is more exciting is that SRK will be live on Twitter the whole time! 

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Well, SRK is apparently gearing up for the day. However, the superstar who is very active on social media took some time to share a pic and some thoughts on his Instagram handle. Posing in the backdrop of a bright San Francisco night, SRK wrote, “Frisco such a nice night. Saw the trams & miss Kolkata & @kkriders weave their magic. Will join soon.Boys u were awesome!”

Isn’t that sweet?

Today, global fans of Shah Rukh will be able to join the audience for the interview. SFFILM’s Executive Director Noah Cowan said in a statement, “We are thrilled to be able to share this special conversation with audiences worldwide through our partnership with Twitter.”

The experience integrates live conversations utilising Twitter polls and questions from the Twitter audience using the hashtag #SRKSFFILM, providing the opportunity to connect and participate from anywhere in the world. “Film is one of the most popular subjects discussed on Twitter, from reviews to premieres to the industry’s biggest stars,” said Anthony Noto, COO, Twitter.

Well, looking forward to this one?