From SRK vs Amit Shah to Shilpa Shetty vs Smriti Irani - Actors and politicians of the same age

Earlier this week, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar conveyed his dietary advice to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. While many had a laugh, some addressed it as a serious need of the hour. But do our politicians really have the time like a celeb to flex those muscles at a gym and get a toned bod?

Unlike actors who make it to showbiz with their looks, politicians in India do not seem to care for the same. While we do have some who are changing the game with glamour (Nusrat Jahan and Mimi Chakraborty), others have made peace with the way things are. Here’s a list of people who are of the same age but look worlds apart.

Smriti Irani 43 years - Shilpa Shetty 44 years

Amit Shah 55 years - Shah Rukh Khan 54 years

Mayawati 63 years - Rekha 65 years

Narendra Modi 69 years - Mammotty 68 years

Mamata Banerjee 64 years - Dimple Kapadia 62 years

Priyanka Vadra 47 years- Pooja Bhatt 47 years

Arvind Kejriwal 51 years - Akshay Kumar 52 years

Devendra Fadnavis 49 years - Saif Ali Khan 49 years

Uddhav Thackeray 59 years - Suniel Shetty 58 years

Supriya Sule 50 years- Madhuri Dixit Nene 52 years

Rahul Gandhi 49 years – Rajpal Yadav 48 years

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