'SSR Wrong Height Recorded' trend reignites SSR's death mystery

Shreya Mukherjee
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06 Apr 2021: 'SSR Wrong Height Recorded' trend reignites SSR's death mystery

The untimely demise of Kedarnath actor Sushant Singh Rajput last year remains one of the most discussed topics till date.

Many continue to believe that it was not suicide that killed the talented actor.

In that light, recently his followers, who identify themselves as SSRians, were seen making 'SSR Wrong Height Recorded' a trend on Twitter, leading many to arch eyebrows.

Allegation: Fans alleged SSR's height was changed on Wikipedia

Fans of the actor broadly believe that Rajput didn't die by suicide as found in the post-mortem report.

Many started investigations on their own based on theories and circumstantial evidence, all of which have kept the topic alive even after so many months.

One of those theories suggests that his height was changed on Wikipedia and IMDb right after his death, indicating something fishy.

Controversy: His height is crucial to the methodology of his death

They alleged that Rajput was 6ft tall, as mentioned in many interviews, but online search now says he was 5'10".

Fans question its possibility since the official reason behind his death is suicide by hanging, but the distance between the fan's motor and the actor's bed was 5'11", so Rajput, being 6ft tall, couldn't have possibly killed himself.

The actor died last June.

Tweets: 'What does Wikipedia mean by saying that height is irrelevant?'

Sharing a screenshot from the Wikipedia page of the actor, a Twitter user asked, "What does Wikipedia mean by saying that height is irrelevant? When you're trying to push a suicide narrative, the issue of Sushant's height is extremely important."

The actor's close friend, Shruti Gera, claimed that she has partied and danced with Rajput, and hence knows he was definitely more than 6ft.

Fact: 'U forgot sushant himself left proofs,' says his friend

Looking back: Rajput's family had filed an FIR against his girlfriend Rhea

His death resulted in a lot of back and forth accusations between his family and Rhea Chakraborty, his last girlfriend. She was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau, and spent a month in the prison.

Separately, Chakraborty had also filed a case against Rajput's sisters, Meetu and Priyanka Singh, accusing them of advising him to take certain medicines without prescriptions.