‘I stand by my country’: TikTok star supports Centre’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps

Mumbai, June 30 (ANI): Government of India banned 59 apps on June 29 which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of the state and public order. TikTok star Muskan Sharma, who had over 4 million followers on the app, has welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese apps. In a video message, the TikTok Star, Muskan Sharma said, “I stand by my country and the way that China is attacking India is simply not done especially when the Indian market is flooded with Chinese apps and various goods and products.” “Our government has taken a great step after putting ban on TikTok. I totally stand by my country,” she added. “For whatever China did they will have to pay for the same and we all should stand by our country,” TikTok Star further stated.