Starboy Rao Sahab planning his new songs sooner this year

"Music is another kind of worship, it has no caste, religion or place. Music is the necessary peace and it is the necessary joy." - Rao Sahab Meet the small-town boy with millions of dreams in his eyes started his singing career in 2018. “RAO SAHAB” is well known Hindi, Haryanvi, Punjabi singer & Rapper from Gurgaon, Haryana. Being an amazing singer who has Haryana in his voice and talks, he has a huge fan following from different corners of India. “RAO SAHAB” immense talent is unbeatable. He had the dream to become a singer from his childhood. He participated in many school functions & showcase his passion for music. In 2018 he came up with his first song “CHORI TU NADAN” which was loved by a million people. Not only this, in 2019, he also came up with a new song “STAR BOY” again loved by the audience. “RAO SAHAB" song “STAR BOY“ article came in “TIMES OF INDIA” news in music highlights suggesting people listen to the song. “RAOSAHAB” is famous & he is known by tag line “AAGYA BABY RAO SAHAB” by his fans. “RAO SAHAB” coming with big projects with many famous stars. As he is getting the opportunity to work in collaborations with famous stars, for last 2 years. He will be coming with many new songs & shows in coming years. He has came a long way with his passion for music & when you examine his journey, you can see how much work he has done in a short period. That time is not far when you will see him in the Bollywood music industry. He has made a special place in every music lover’s heart with his music. Not only this “RAO SAHAB” have a Heart of Gold, but he also helps the people & poor who are in need. “RAO SAHAB” is down to earth person, no one will see any star attitude in him. He is funny & tries to keep everyone happy. He loves traveling. He also loves sports like Cricket, football, etc. People love the way he drifts the music into a different world. His magical voice carries a Rockstar in him. He puts the best effort to sing the same song with different style and seems like one of the hard competitors out in the industry and had already won the heart of millions.