Starbucks releases Christmas tree frappucino to take your basic Instagrams to the next level

Chelsea Ritschel

Nothing says Christmas like a sugar rush, and Starbucks has released a Christmas Tree Frappuccino to help you on your way.

It follows hot on the heels of its gaudy purple unicorn Frappuccino, a red and green gloopy zombie Frappuccino to mark Halloween.

Available for just five days, until December 11, and is made using a peppermint chocolate creme topped with green matcha whipped cream “foliage." The whole thing is then decorated with caramel drizzle garland, candied cranberry ornaments, and topped with a strawberry tree topper.

It's available only in the US and Canada, so we ordered a round of festive Frappuccinos to our New York office - where the drink got a lukewarm reception.

Lifestyle Editor Dave Maclean said, "The first thing that me about this limited edition drink is that the Christmas Tree Frappuccino isn't very attractive. It's mainly brown so resembles the tree you toss out in the new year. It's a mixed bag on the flavour-front too - the base is refreshing, sweet and tasty mint chocolate, but the whipped cream topping is flavoured with matcha, a jarringly strange flavour with which to top such a sweet drink."

Assistant Audience Editor Max Benwell found the Christmas tree Frappuccino somewhat tasty - in limited doses.

“Imagine having a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream, but remove the cream part and replace it with milky ice. Then multiply that scoop by about 20 and put it in a big plastic cup, and add a bunch of artificial colouring. It tastes quite nice for the first few sips, but how anyone could drink a whole one is beyond me.”

Clark Mindock, US reporter, said, "This was my first experience with a Frapp of any kind, but it sort of had the taste and mouth feel I would expect if you put a peppermint hot chocolate in the freezer, took it out right before it completely froze, then drank the liquid and ice chunks together. On an unrelated note: Strawberries really don’t look like stars or angels, but I applaud the effort to get some healthy fruit in the mix."

So while the Christmas tree Frappuccino may not be Insta-worthy, those who are fans of mint chocolate chip ice cream or matcha might like the wintery beverage. But if you're just looking for an attention-grabbing festive Instagram shot, order the small size...