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Bollywood Journalist: ​Tell us about your film with Anand L Rai heard you are recreating one of Shashi Kapoor's popular songs from Jab Jab Phool Khile?

Bollywood Journalist: Are you comfortable. Did you have your meal? Shah Rukh Khan: Yes. I can’t do interviews with a full stomach. I eat less hence I have more energy. Once you eat more there is a lot of weight in your stomach and you feel lethargic. I am in top form, now fire away your bouncers.

Stardom can't be made, nor spoilt nor can it last forever: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan slumps down on his sofa in his now famous at Mannat Extension or Mannat2 as his staff would call it. He seems relaxed and happy with the way the promotions are going for his upcoming film, Jab Harry Met Sejal which he describes as a breezy romantic comedy directed by Imtiaz Ali.

While settling down, Shah Rukh Khan admits that he can’t sit for interviews with a full stomach. He says that he feels sleepy when he has a full meal.