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That naughty toddler

Taimur is a testimony to what cuteness Saif Ali Khan is capable of producing. And this adorable pic of his half-sister drives the point home. What a candid capture of some quality father-daughter time. Wish we had social media in the early nineties, we could have seen more of this cuteness. Hope Sara shares some more glances of her childhood through her Instagram handle.

Starting Navratri, looking back at the 9 divine avtaars of Sara Ali Khan

Saif and Amrita’s daughter is all set to make her big Bollywood entry, through the much discussed Kedarnath.

After Jahnvi, Sara Ali Khan’s debut will be the next star kid entry every one is talking about. But even before becoming a star, she has won us over many times in many avtaars.

Here’s us, recollecting the 9 avatars of Sara Ali Khan, that clawed the heart out of our chests.

(Please be kind in the comment section. Don’t we truly believe, every Indian daughter is a manifestation of the goddess, irrespective of any social tags? )