Stephen Colbert calls out Chris Wallace for calling Mueller hearing a 'disaster'

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace stopped by to promote a new documentary about his famous journalist father, Mike Wallace. But it only took a few minutes before Colbert shifted the conversation to the Mueller hearings earlier in the day. The late-night host surprised Wallace by pulling out a printout of a Donald Trump tweet that quoted Wallace’s commentary on the hearing, saying, "This has been a disaster for the Democrats and a disaster for the reputation of Robert Mueller."

Colbert also pointed out what time Trump sent the critical tweet. “Now, you said that at 10:07 this morning, an hour-and-a-half into a six-hour series of hearings. So is Fox News' motto, ‘We report and decide before the thing's over?’"

Despite labeling the hearing a disaster, Wallace agreed that the original Mueller report raised some troubling questions about the president’s behavior, and in his opinion, the reactions to the hearings were a symptom of tribal politics. “You represent the anti-Trump tribe, and so do a lot of people in this audience. There's a pro-Trump tribe and there's nothin’ wrong with being in one or another,” said Wallace. Colbert quickly interrupted to explain which tribe he was from. “I’m in the ‘don't lie to prosecutors’ tribe. That's the tribe I’m in. I'm in the ‘do not welcome the help of a foreign country to win our election’ tribe. Those are my tribes.”Wallace responded by saying he “was in the journalist tribe”

After some tribal debating between the two, Colbert circled back to Wallace’s journalist achievements by playfully addressing a Washington Post article that praised Wallace for being tougher on Russian President Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump had been. “Last summer, in a Putin interview that you did, The Washington Post said you were tougher to Vladimir Putin than Donald Trump was. Is that a compliment to you? Or an insult to the president?” said Colbert. “Probably a bit of both,” said Wallace with a chuckle.

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