How Stepping Into Entrepreneurship Makes Ida Mirzadeh a Better Family Lawyer

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Any entrepreneur will tell you there is no substitution for hard work. Success comes with maintaining the integrity of your brand and always thinking two steps ahead of the competition. When coupled with the commitment and focus of a divorce lawyer, advocating on behalf of separating spouses in impossible situations, lawyer and entrepreneur, Ida Mirzadeh, believes you can truly be unstoppable in your career. Marketing yourself and networking as a practicing family lawyer breeds many benefits.

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Family lawyer, Ida Mirzadeh, shares her experience in transforming the way she provides legal service in a rapidly evolving digital era.

Within a year of her practice at Simmons Da Silva LLP, she realized that a huge part of being successful requires building your reputation and brand.

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She learned that the more you put yourself out there and spread knowledge about family law, the more your practice can grow and you can separate yourself from the competition.

As a family lawyer, Ida’s first priority is to be approachable, accessible and equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide clients with a seamless family law experience —no matter the circumstances.

When COVID-19 surfaced, it pushed her practice completely online. Despite Canada still being in lockdown, Ida is fully committed to managing her clients expectations, providing strategies and facilitating convenient (and affordable) processes—whether it’s in-person or through digital means.

A large part of being an entrepreneur is being able to adapt to the needs of your clients. The transition to online and remote methods of servicing clients have given Ida the opportunity to use digital platforms to set herself apart and create a known presence for herself in the divorce community. This has helped grow her practice immensely over the past year.

Marketing herself online plays a huge part in making her services more widely accessible. It gives her even more time and flexibility to deal with her high-conflict clients who really need her help and tend to require more of her time.

Ida started her business Instagram account @mirzadehfamilylaw two years ago. Today she gains 30% of her clients from the social media platform. She’s also been a guest on podcasts and radio shows, as well as vlogs. Using online media platforms as part of her marketing strategy have benefited her reputation and helped to build her personal brand as a family law lawyer.

She prefers digital methods that are quick and straightforward: “Old school lawyers are so focused on blogs and google searches, whereas I’m more focused on staying current and implementing marketing strategies that are visual and in people’s faces.”

This strategy allows prospective clients to see the face behind her name and offers them a glimpse of her personality. This builds rapport and credibility, which is essential to a client-lawyer relationship. “Your personality can’t come through print as much as it does video or through hearing someone speak.”

Ida aims to set the tone for other family lawyers who are trying to build their brand and establish their practice. By encouraging more lawyers to use media to market themselves, they can help change the conversation about divorce lawyers and focus on helping more people.

In this day and age, there is no denying that being a lawyer and entrepreneur go hand-in-hand. Ida Mirzadeh stands for both. Marketing herself and services not only makes her a better lawyer, but an advocate for all those who need guidance and support.

Find Family Legal Services with Ida Mirzadeh

Ida Mirzadeh is a licensed family lawyer in Ontario, Canada. She was born in Toronto as a first generation daughter of persian immigrants.

She dreamed of being a lawyer since she was a child. She grew up in a single-parent home with her mother who raised her with love and sacrificed a lot. However, Ida’s mother didn’t have the support and guidance required to navigate complex court systems. The struggles her mother went through as a single-parent inspired Ida to pursue a career in family law.

After law school, she scored an articling position in family law at Simmons Da Silva LLP, which was a necessary step to becoming a licensed lawyer in Canada.

She worked her way up to an associate role and continues to grow her practice at Simmons Da Silva LLP, a full-service law firm in Ontario, Canada. She deals with all areas of family law, including but not limited to, private adoptions, separation agreements, parenting disputes and property settlements with an impressive record of settling almost 90 percent of her cases.

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