Stepping-Up The Social Media Game: Pranav Rastogi And Jagrit Pratap Singh Comment On His Media Journey

pranav rastogi

Media, in the past, used to be a rather restrictive term which was limited to the print, television and radio mediums. However, the past decade has been huge as social media has brought us closer and billions of people around the world are now connected! Not only are they consuming content like never before – but they are also creating content like never before! Pranav Rastogi, the co-founder of Pollination Media, has been a witness to this change!

Pranav, along with his partners Jagrit Pratap Singh and Arjit Singh, owns and manages a number of media properties ranging from news portals to entertainment pages. In the past, Pranav has helped manage the social media accounts of a number of A-list Hollywood celebrities. Furthermore, he has also collaborated with several media houses and production firms in India and the US, helping them promote their upcoming movies by providing video views to their trailers. Having helped drive over a billion video views, Pranav has also helped grow an audience of over 20 Million people in just two years.

Over the years, Pranav has helped provide guidance and social media strategies to a number of eminent media personalities, helping them utilize their platforms to the fullest. He also manages a media outlet specifically for the biking community called life of a Rider which provides biking-related information from all over the world and is a portal that a large number of bikers from all over the world follow. The platform is often seen as the ultimate destination for all biking and riding related information on the web! It has been quite a successful exercise in creating a community of passionate fans!

In addition to managing social media and platforms for celebs, media houses and bikers, Rastogi also owns and manages media platforms himself. Hiptoro is an entertainment-cum-news portal which became ranked among the top-200 websites in the world in just a week of its launch. Today, the platform continues to provide top-class reportage on all the latest news stories from around the world.

Commenting on his journey in the world of social media, Pranav says: it has been quite a journey. Having started off at a young age, there was so much to learn and I was eager to gulp down all of it – every single bit of information that there is! However, after a decade of experience into social media, there is still so much to learn. New content trends keep coming out every day – and you just can’t afford to miss that.

Pranav, 25, comments that there is a strong need for the next-generation of content creators to be hungry. They need to improve every day and they need to innovate their content as per the changing tastes and preferences of their audience, he says. Looking back, I’ve been lucky to get to do the right thing at the right time. The market is much more saturated now and the content creators of the future would really need to step up their game in order to make a mark!



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