Sterling Global Financial Founder David Kosoy Talks 2020 & Year Ahead

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Sterling Global Financial was founded and operates on the principles of people, passion, and performance; a focus that has repeatedly earned the international diversified investment management firm numerous awards in its space over the years. With top-tier talent rounding out the team, and their own principals and managers continuously investing personal capital into projects, developments, and funds, it’s safe to say Sterling has skin in the game. The Nassau-based company’s reputation precedes itself, and so does its founder, David Kosoy. We caught up with the real estate-industry vet—he’s been in the game since he was just eighteen—to find out what the “Sterling Standard” is and what new ventures the ever-evolving privately held business is working on this year.

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Yahoo!: What led you to start Sterling Global Financial?

David: In the early 2000’s I had just left a position as chairman of a publicly traded company when I decided to retire and live in the Bahamas...but that didn’t last long. Those who know me know I don’t really have the ability to sit still. I also noticed there was opportunity all around me. I decided to start a new company to take advantage of these opportunities for myself and for my long-time partners. That company would become Sterling Global Financial. The name Sterling was given to me by John Daniels, founder of Cadillac Fairview, who’s still a partner of ours to this day. The “Sterling Standard” is something we aim to achieve in every aspect of our business. From the types of projects we work on, to how we treat everyone we come in contact with. It is at the core of who we are.

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Yahoo!: What does Sterling specialize in?

David: We are an alternative investment management company focused on

real estate, infrastructure, and financial services. We are real estate investors, developers, and lenders. First and foremost, we are real estate experts, and as a lender, that gives us the

flexibility and expertise to fill a void left by traditional financial institutions. We see and understand everything we are invested in. We invest on behalf of family offices and high net-worth individuals and we understand the trust that comes along with that.

Yahoo!: What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

David: Our People.Hands down. The team we have assembled is first class. Our leadership team has incredible pedigree having come from leading companies including REITS, Real Estate

Investment Banks, Brokerage Companies, development companies, and global banks. Most of our senior executives were also high-level athletes in whatever sport they were involved with, whether it was football, hockey, skiing, track and field, or basketball, making them great team players—which plays a major role in our success. I have never been a part of a team like this before.

Yahoo!: How does Sterling aim to transform or leave an impact on its industry?

David: I would answer that in two ways. First, I think more about how we can transform and leave an impact on the communities in which we are lucky to be a part of. How can we create beautiful legacy projects, create jobs for those in the community and how can we develop something we can be really proud of when all is said and done.

Second, we think about the impact we can have on the people that we invest on behalf of. We are lucky enough to be able to help create financial security and generational wealth for the people that put their trust in us, including friends and family. What’s better than that.

Yahoo!: How did Sterling navigate through this tumultuous year and the uncertain economic climate that came along with it?

David: I’m very proud to say it was a really successful year for us. It was a challenging year for so many people across the globe and our team rose to the occasion with how well they worked remotely, continued to strive for excellence and how far we pushed the business forward in such a challenging time. I believe we are in a better position today than we ever have been.

The most important way we measured our business this year was that we did not layoff one employee due to the pandemic. On the contrary, we grew as a firm. We were also able to continue the development of our projects, our loan portfolio performed really well, and we have many new investors that chose to become partners and helped our business grow.

Yahoo!: What is your long-term goal with Sterling, is there something specific you hope to achieve, for either the company or your clients?

David: We want to continue our growth in a positive way, but we don’t want to get bigger for the sake of getting bigger. We will continue to maintain the quality of the business we have now. Our goal is to keep our returns consistent to our shareholders and partners as we have done historically. We’re committed to maintaining the Sterling Standard.

The world is constantly changing, and the needs of our clients are evolving daily. Every client is also unique. We will continue to improve on the quality of service and services we can provide to our partners.

Yahoo!: Do you have any new developments or projects in the works?

David: We are extremely and excited about two of our newest development projects we have on the go right now. The first project is called Paradise Landing, which includes the brand new Hurricane Hole Superyacht Marina. This project is an incredible reimagining and reconstruction of an already iconic marina. We are just starting the second phase of this mixed-use project, which includes the newest superyacht marina in the Caribbean, luxury residential, dining, office, retail and Paradise Island’s first supermarket. It is located directly across the street from Atlantis Resort, making the location world-class.

We’re also doing a deal in partnership with our world-class partners, Montage Hotels and Resorts—called Montage Resort and Spa at Montage Cay—that will be a boutique resort and villa development on a 50-acre private island in the Abacos Islands in The Bahamas. There will be nothing like Montage Cay anywhere in the world. We have already started sales at this project and are extremely proud of what it will become. These are both true legacy projects.