Sterling K Brown wants to back projects with marginalised voices at centre

Los Angeles, Nov 28 (PTI) As an actor, who is also a producer in Hollywood, 'This Is Us' star Sterling K Brown says his aim to back marginalised voices of the society and bring them to the 'front and centre'.

The 43-year-old actor told The Hollywood Reporter that a project does not interest him if it does not have 'any colour to it'.

'I'm trying to see people of colour, marginalised voices in the front and centre of these stories. I think we take for granted oftentimes that people learn so much through media, especially in Middle America where you tend to live in fairly homogenised regions.

'And the only interactions that you may have with blacks or Latinos or Asians may come through your TV screen. And so (we're) making sure that we attend to the responsibility of educating people and entertaining them simultaneously,' Brown said.

The actor said he will back writers who were denied of opportunities in the industry earlier.

'A lot of the writers that come to me may not have been given opportunities before or their opportunities may be limited, but because I can lend my voice to it, hopefully that gives them access to a greater audience. And it's a story that I realised or that I believe needs to be shared.

'I get excited and I have a desire to learn, because I don't know everything, right? But when I read a story that illuminates something about a different culture, a different socioeconomic group, I get excited. And if it excites me, then I think that it'll excite the public, and I want to try to usher it onto the screen,' Brown added. PTI RB RB

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