Stimulate The Sense Of Vision Of An infant

Sheetal S
Stimulate The Sense Of Vision Of An infant

In this blog let’s see few activities to stimulate the sense of vision of an infant which are handy, easily available and not very expensive. Also you can do certain preparation right from the pregnancy and can use these activities as soon as your little one is born. Let’s see how play gym, play mat, storybooks, infant stimulation cards etc. can help you and your child.


Enhancing the room during pregnancy

It is necessary to create positive vibes during pregnancy. One way is by making everything bright around us. So I suggest that put as many colourful pictures as you can. If possible paint few things and put it on the walls of the rooms. This will give positive vibes to you and stimulate the sense of vision of your baby too.


Also this is one of the ways of experiencing your pregnancy in a artistic way.


Infant stimulation cards

You can prepare some infant stimulation cards and hang it on the crib or any other place where the child can view. Infant stimulation cards are black and white or contrast colour cards that infants enjoy. To begin with black and white cards are suggested. Later on you can use combination of red, black and white. You can buy infant stimulation cards online or can prepare them at home.


How to prepare infant stimulation cards?


  • Google infant stimulation cards
  • Select images
  • Remove printouts
  • Take a mount board
  • Cut into desire size as per the printouts
  • Stick the images on both side
  • Make a hole in the center
  • Put a ribbon through it
  • Your card is ready to hang
  • You will observe your child will stare at these cards continuously and will smile too



Hanging toys or mobiles

Children enjoy dangling toys or mobiles. The toys that we can hang are called as Mobiles. You can hang the mobiles on the crib or just above the space where the child sleeps. When your child wakes up he can see those hanging toys. It is an excellent activity to stimulate sense of vision of your little one. You can make different type of mobiles at home or there are many child friendly organizations who sells these kind of hanging mobiles.


Play gym to stimulate the sense of vision

Play gym is a beautiful and a very useful toy for to stimulate the vision of your little one. The latest ones in market are made of cloth and it has nice colourful soft toys hanging above. I had started play gym when my little one turned 2.5 months. Whenever your child is wild awake you can keep him on play gym during day time. I used to hang infant stimulation cards on play gym itself. In initial days play gym is an amazing activity to promote sense of vision of an infant. Play gym has moving soft toys with sweet and mild sound. Hence your  child will giggle when he watches those moving toys.


Story books or colorful books

If you introduce story books to children at an early age it has lot of benefits. It’s an excellent way to stimulate the sense of vision. You can start showing books to children when the child is as small as three months. In initial months your child will look at the pictures and gradually your cutie will start smiling. He will show fondness to particular books and characters. The same books will become your child’s favorite when your child turns around 6 months. It’s very important to select age appropriate books.


Play mat for visual stimulation

The colorful play mat is outstanding means to stimulate sense of vision of an infant. It is safe to keep the child on floor when he or she starts rolling. And it encourages the child to be on tummy. Not only this, the colorful prints on the play mat are very appealing. I had introduced play mat to my daughter when she was around 4 months old and till date she loves to different activities on it. Children learn to roll faster when on the floor and the attractive print on the mat encourages the child more to try rolling. Your child might later on develop the curiosity to know the names of certain pictures which are there on the mat. I would suggest you to buy two side play mat so that your child can get to see more colors on the mat.


Tummy time books

There are these special tummy time books that one can buy for infants. Tummy time books are nice colourful books with lots of textures. Your child is surely going to enjoy the book while lying down on tummy and it’s an amazing form to stimulate sense of vision of an infant.


Handmade colorful Paintings

If anyone of is fond of coloring and paintings then you must definitely try this out. Put up your paintings on the walls. Whenever your child will be playful you will notice that he or she will observe the paintings minutely and keep staring. This will surely work for your babies sense of vision.


Taking your child outdoors to stimulate

Once you are comfortable taking your child outdoors you can take your little one everyday for a stroll. It can be on road, a garden or your building compound. When children see sky on the top, trees by the side and moving vehicles it stimulates their vision. If you can a find a garden then nothing like it. Nature is one the best ways to stimulate the sense of your child.


Say no to TV and mobile

It’s my request to everyone who is reading this that please keep your child away from screens. They don’t stimulate your child’s vision in anyway. In fact there will be lots of negative repercussion once your child gets glued to the screen for a long period of time. Apart from this too much of mobile and TV will harm your child’s vision rather then stimulating his vision.


So these are some of the ways in which one can visually stimulate the child right  from the time he is born. If you have some other experiences to share or have tried anything from above please write in the comment section.


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