Get stipend of up to Rs 80,000 under new scheme! Govt’s plans to promote art and culture

Yash Shukla

Ministry of Culture has come up with a new scheme to promote art and culture in the country which will provide scholarships to hone the talent of the country’s artists. Three different schemes have been launched by the government catering to different age groups of artists.

The announcement about the launch of the schemes was made by the Minister of State (MoS) Culture, Prahlad Singh Patel in a written reply to a question raised in the parliament. Prahlad in his written reply said that the schemes have been envisaged to promote art and culture in the country

One dedicated scheme has been launched for the budding artists in the age group of 18-25 years under which 400 young talents will be groomed in the country in one year. A stipend of Rs. 5,000 per month will be credited to the account of these artists for a period of two years.

A mid-range separate scheme has been started for artists who have already spent a considerable amount of time in the field of art. The fellowship scheme has been envisaged for outstanding artists under two category- senior and junior fellowships. A total of 400 fellows in a year will be selected under the category with no break up cited for senior and junior fellows. Senior fellows will be entitled to a sum of Rs 20,000 per month while the junior fellows will get Rs 10,000 under the scheme.

The third scheme which has been named Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research is on the top of the pyramid with the number of beneficiaries limited to a handful of 40 artists. Further demarcation has been made in the category between scholars and fellows. Scholars under this scheme will get a substantial sum of Rs 50,000 per month whereas the fellows under the scheme will get the maximum remunerative amount of Rs 80,000.