Storm Erik: British Airways flight aborts landing at Heathrow amid 70mph winds

Helen Coffey

A British Airways flight can be seen trying and failing to land while buffeted by strong winds at Heathrow Airport.

Video shows the aircraft visibly shaken as it attempts to touch down, with the wheels even hitting the tarmac, before the pilot aborts the landing and takes off once more.

The clip was shared by Big Jet TV on its Elite Channel, with the caption: “witnessed this insane #TOGA! Well done pilot!”

The acronym “TOGA” stands for “Take Off/Go Around” – it’s used whenever an approach becomes unstable.

The aborted landing happened during Storm Erik, which hit the UK and Ireland with winds of up to 70mph.

A man died this morning after strong gusts blew a tree onto his car in Devon.

The west coast of Ireland will likely be worst hit by the storm, with the Met Office issuing an orange weather warning for Donegal, Galway and Mayo. Winds could reach 80mph in these counties.

Last month, a Ryanair flight was forced to abort its landing twice after being buffeted by 50mph winds. The aircraft was on the approach to Leeds Bradford Airport having departed from Malta.

However, strong winds, which reached speeds of up to 50mph in the UK on 13 January, prevented the plane from touching down at the last minute.