Story behind graphic photo of 'beautiful' woman covered in blood

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A picture of a young Japanese woman covered in blood, casually smoking a cigarette while a man lays dying on the floor, has sparked a morbid obsession from people calling her “too beautiful” to be a criminal.

Pictures of the bloody scene, where Yuka Takaoka is accused of plunging a kitchen knife into the stomach of her boyfriend, have led to memes and fan art circulating on social media glorifying the act.

Yuka Takaoka has become an internet sensation, accused of stabbing her boyfriend in a Japanese apartment building. Source: Yuka Takaoka / Instagram

Crime scene photos, shared widely on social media, show a young woman seated on the lobby floor of the apartment in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, while a man lay bleeding behind her, reportedly with his stomach sliced open.

The woman is seen holding a mobile phone with one bloodied hand, and a cigarette in the other, ignoring the police officer who is crouched down in front of her.

According to Fuji News Network, Takaoka, 21, intended to kill Phoenix Luna then herself, in a sadistic murder-suicide plot.

Crime scene photos show the young woman appearing nonchalant while her boyfriend lays dying behind her. Source: Instagram

“I did not want to go anywhere, so I sat down at the outside staircase,” she reportedly told police of the May 24 incident.

“I did not call emergency services because I intended to die after watching him die from the stabbing.

“My plan was to first kill him and then I thought about committing suicide. Since I loved him so much, I just couldn’t help it. After killing [him], I, too, wanted to die,” the Tokyo Reporter quoted Takaoka as saying.

Yuka Takaoka smiles while being led away by police. Source: Fuji News Network

Attempted murder sparks anime obsession

The woman’s nonchalant reaction to the alleged murder attempt has given rise to a morbid following, with many believing Takaoka is a real-life incarnation of a yandere anime character.

Yandere usually take the form of a sweet, beautiful young woman, who suddenly becomes aggressive and often turns to homicidal violence in her pursuit of love.

Crime scene pictures and media coverage of Takaoka’s smiling arrest pictures are the subject of numerous memes and fan art from people calling her “too beautiful”.

The victim purportedly survived the alleged attack, with Takaoka sharing a post on Instagram which she claims was from him bragging about being alive.

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