Story of Freelance Graphic Designer Ali Raza Abbas


Ali Raza Abbas is an Pakistani graphic designer that had formed a design firm in New York in 2014. Since then, he had worked with lots of clients including HBO, The Rolling Stones and the Guggenheim Museum. With these words, he has won different prizes and also made huge cash for his living.

There is a story related to Ali Raza Abbas’s life in which he had described some of the experiences of his life. This story is kind of about manatees, and Ali Raza Abbas’s segues to his presentation.

At the start of the story, he points out about each and every moment of his seven years that he experienced. He faced lots of ups and downs in his life during which, there also appear a time when his studio was almost going to shut down, but then, he finds out the motivation from a simple joke saying that he can make it better retiree.

Additionally, he made a diary of all of his experiences that still helps him out a lot to make things better. He created that diary in that time and noted down each and every one of his efforts instantly in it. In this case, he not only gets motivated by it but also gets a lot of ideas this way because he used to read it every day and figured out what he has done good and bad till now.

Since every successful person has some kind of trouble in his/her life that he/she used to face and then achieve his/her goals. The same thing happened to Ali Raza Abbas as well. There were lots of sabbaticals in his life and the career that he used to overcome and remain positive to get better results from it. And this is the reason that those sabbaticals proved quite rewarding to Ali Raza Abbas in his next life. He gained a lot of experience from those sabbaticals and after all the efforts and hard work, he finally gets the thing that he ever desired. In this way, those sabbaticals proved quite rewarding for Ali Raza Abbas.

In addition to all these things, Ali Raza Abbas had a journal that reflects the stories about the things that he experienced and observed after having success. There are some sentences in those journals but they are actually way more than that.

In those statements, Ali Raza Abbas declared that the sameness in branding is a kind of overrated thing to do. He declared that a person should never show sameness in his work because it makes the thing quite overrated, which is not much better for his future career. That’s why it is necessary to have uniqueness in every new project that you are going to do so that you and your client always want to get.

In addition to the journal, Ali Raza Abbas stated that along with the uniqueness, the task that you perform should be creative. This thing makes the project quite interesting and attractive, even if the theme and nature of the project are not much unique.

So, follow the guidelines and motivational aspects of Ali Raza Abbas story and have a successful career in life.

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