'Stranger Things' Season 4 teaser has Dungeons & Dragons vibes

Shubham Dasgupta
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08 Nov 2020: 'Stranger Things' Season 4 teaser has Dungeons & Dragons vibes

Almost anything equals gold for Stranger Things fans now, and the creators know that pretty well.

So, the first thing they do after leaving its audience in dark for months is upload a flashy artwork of something that looks like Satan.

The artwork also has a sword in flames, a morning star, and another weapon with a club chained to a wrecking ball.

Fact: Here's the latest spooky artwork from the show

New plot?: 'Heard the Hellfire Club is now looking for new members'

The picture on Instagram, which was uploaded on Friday, has the following caption: "Heard the Hellfire Club is now looking for new members."

For viewers, who have been associating the band of driven teens relying totally on Dungeons and Dragons board game tactics, the announcement of another club recruitment hints that the grown-ups want a new name for their old association.

Campaign: And the ever energetic lad Dustin is excited again!

Then you dig deeper and finally find the cutesy Dustin endorsing the same caption on Twitter.

His geeky smile is worth smiling back at as you also see actor Gaten Matarazzo taking his on-screen energy up a notch by running with a flag of the Hellfire Club in a video posted on Twitter.

That video has received over 155K views and that's not all!

Fact: Dustin is also hyping it up on Twitter!

Suggestive, mysterious: Dice rolls over a board, stops before rookies, resembling knights

Their Instagram handle also has uploaded a weirdly suggestive video.

The seconds-long clip, which appears to have been recorded from someone's digital device (most probably a smartphone) shows a dice rolling over a board and stopping before rookies, resembling knights.

The caption of this post reads: "It's not the Demogorgon. happy #strangerthingsday"

Then, is it a return to Dungeons & Dragons after all?

Fact: It's not the Demogorgon, the caption declares in the post

Speculations: Eleven, gang teaming up against more powerful and evil force?

The weapons shown in the Instagram artwork are part of the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop role-playing game.

And Dustin getting jumpy about all of it means that Eleven and the rest of the gang are teaming up against a supposedly more powerful and evil force in the upcoming season.

We also know that Sheriff is alive and in Russia.

Mysteries abound until further notice!