Stray dog saves life of doctor who had given her a new life 2 years ago

Shubham Ghosh

Pune, Jan 24: Animals have a celebratory sense of gratitude. Recently, the same was confirmed when a stray dog came to the rescue of a doctor after the latter suffered a paralytic attack at his home in Pune. The 16-year-old brown dog called 'Brownie' raised an alarm to attract the attention of the doctor's neighbour with its whines and knocks on windows to reach timely help to him, Pune Mirror reported. What is even more striking in this story is that the same dog was saved by the same doctor after it was seriously affected by a kidney ailment.

Amit Shah, a neighbour of Dr Sancheti, an elderly man, came out hearing the dog's howling and first thought that it was hungry. He tried to feed it but Brownie refused to take food and indicated at Sancheti's window. Sensing trouble, Shah then peeked into the doctor's room to find him lying on the floor unconscious.

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"She kept rearing up with difficulty and placing her front legs on the window, looking inside. Initially, I was quite confused, but when I went nearer, a gap in the window revealed to me that the doctor had collapsed on the floor..." Shah was quoted as saying by Pune Mirror.

Shah did not waste any time and rushed to the doctor's aid and took him for medical assistance and a timely intervention saw the veteran coming out of danger. Dr Sancheti's son, also named Amit, later said that he came to learn about his father's medical condition through friends and thanked Brownie for saving his life.

Two years ago, Brownie was down with a serious kidney condition and the Sanchetis took care of her to save her life.

Shah, who is associated with the Maharashtra government's animal welfare platform - Maharashtra State Animal Welfare Committee - said Brownie had flung into action to save the doctor's life from her sense of gratitude.

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