Streaming Guide: Movies, web series and TV shows you can watch on March 22

Kshitij Rawat
Streaming guide march 22

Here's what you can watch on streaming platforms on March 22.

These are dark times. People are either sick from contracting the novel coronavirus or are at risk due to the extreme contagiousness of the microbe. What with this global pandemic raging outside, it is currently advisable and even preferable to stay in your homes to stall the spread of infection and flatten the curve, so to speak.

Even if one could go outside, malls, restaurants, movie theatres are closed. What to do? We are here to help. Even though new films are not being released in theatres, TV and streaming premieres are going according to schedule. We have new TV shows or web series and their episodes coming out almost every day.

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Some recent movies are coming to streaming sites much sooner than usual owing to the present circumstances. Not only that, there are hundreds of existing movies and TV shows on platforms that you may not be caught up on.