Street Dancer 3D: Varun Dhawan reveals Shraddha Kapoor was upset about Katrina being the first choice

Actress Shraddha Kapoor was not original choice for Street Dancer 3D film. Katrina Kaif was supposed to do this role. However, when Katrina backed out of the film because of date issue after signing Bharat with Salman Khan. Katrina had to leave this project to join Bharat as Priyanka Chopra walked out of that film due to her marriage.

Varun says, "Shraddha was part of previous film and was bit emotional when she got to know that she is not there in the next one. She asked me why didn't they offer me the film. Remo thought this role was not suitable for her. But after Katrina left the film because of her date issue, it was nice of her to step in and agree to do this role. I think she was destine to do this film."

Remo D'souza says," Yes ,Katrina had to leave the film because of her date issues and we had to change the script a bit and luckily Shraddha could take up this film on time."

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