Stress eating: Effective ways to get rid of this habit

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Stress eating: Effective ways to get rid of this habit
Stress eating: Effective ways to get rid of this habit

30 May 2021: Stress eating: Effective ways to get rid of this habit

Oftentimes, when we are stressed, a sugary treat can feel like the solution to all our problems. Stress eating isn't just binging food when there is a major life crisis, but habits such as eating chips or candies when we are bored and tired are also a form of stress eating. Here are a few tips to help you ease out of this habit.

Knowing it: Identify the root cause of stress and work on it

Stress eating is obviously caused by certain factors and the first step is to uncover its root cause. Identify the emotional triggers that caused your stress in the first place and work on them. Acknowledge the fact that eating when you are stressed is not the solution to your recurring problems. Work on finding a healthy way to cope up and manage your tension.

Healthy alternatives: Substitute snacks with healthy treats like granola bar or fruits

Salty and sugary treats are an instantly satiating option and may give immediate relief when you are stressed out. But these are unhealthy foods without any doubt. If you have to eat when stressed, substitute snacks with healthy treats that you can have guilt-free. Go for a healthy granola bar or fruits, if you have to, as it also helps you feel fuller.

Exercise: Exercise regularly; do gardening, walk if not pro-exercise

Exercising regularly is an effective way to reduce the effects of stress. However, if your stressful nature proves to be a deterrent to this practice, worry not because there are other ways to deal with it. Walking around your locality and spending more time gardening are all different forms of exercise that you can do without being conscious about it.

Reach out: Reach out to a friend or family member

The next time you feel like binging on snacks in a stressful situation, talk to a close friend or a trusted family member instead. Letting out your feelings and insecurities to a close one will help you feel less lonely and also supported. If you find it uncomfortable to talk to someone, journal your feelings in a diary to let it all out.

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