Strictly's Catherine Tyldesley imposed a dancing ban on husband after he almost injured her

Deepika Rajani
Catherine Tyldesley has banned husband Tom Pitford from dancing (Photo:Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

Strictly Come Dancing star Catherine Tyldesley has banned her husband Tom Pitford from dancing.

Tyldesley, who is currently appearing on the BBC talent show with professional dancer Johannes Radebe, recalled how she came to the decision when her husband was a bit too enthusiastic with his dance moves.

Revealing that he almost caused her an injury, Tyldesley jokingly told The Sun: “He’s desperate to give it a go.

“He got a bit ambitious and then tried to spin me like he has been dancing in competitions for decades and almost pulled my arm out of its socket!”

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“I was in absolute agony and told him I’d never live down the embarrassment if I was ruled out of Strictly by my own husband’s dodgy dance moves,” the former Coronation Street actress added.

“I was like, ‘Let’s not do this again, you’re banned. Let me stick with the professionals, at least until the end of the show.”

Meanwhile, Tyldesley recently revealed how Strictly has given her confidence since she stepped foot on the dance floor.

Catherine Tyldesley praised Johannes Radebe for giving her confidence on the show (Photo: BBC)

During an appearance on Loose Women alongside Radebe, the actress said: “I've literally never danced before and in the past I've been told I can’t dance or I was too big to dance, I remember this dance teacher going you look like an Oompa Loompa there.

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“Johannes has given me so much confidence...This man has changed my life and he's a huge part of why I'm loving it so much. I was scared of doing a forward roll and suddenly we're doing acrobatics.”

Praising Tyldesley on how far she has come, Radebe added: “You be yourself and look at somebody and you recognise their potential when I saw Cath she was fantastic. She can adapt to anything I throw at her and she doesn't complain. I've got a good student so I can do anything and be anything.”