The Struggles of Managing a Social Media Influencer House

Team Latestly
·2-min read

Social media influencer content houses are not a new concept. The Top Talent House (now merged with NotAContentHouse) is quite new. Today we’re going to explore what it’s like being a manager of a social media content house.

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Let’s start with some background. The Top Talent House is run by the management agency Top Talent L.A. which was founded by Nour Khodr. This house consists of the main talent, which was 4 girls when the house first started, a full team of in house photographers and videographers, Nour, and his assistant.

After talking with Nour for hours over our lunch meeting in Los Angeles, I quickly realized how much work goes into running a house like this. He started walking me through the different safety parameters he has in place to keep the girls safe. Due to COVID-19, there are strict limitations on who can enter the house outside of collaborators. Nour also opted to live in the penthouse on top of the main house in order to ensure nothing can possibly happen. They also don’t allow any parties at the house. For transparency, Nour regularly invited parents to the house when the house was self-standing.

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He also told me that a lot of the time he had to put the needs and wants of the girls before his own. They’ve had tons of monitored activities like bringing puppies to the house, jet skiing, and flying over the Hollywood sign in stunt planes with a professional flight instructor. Even in terms of payment to his creators, Nour pushes heavily to deliver brand payments to his talent using the concept of net30 which means that all payments will be delivered within 30 days.

The new generation of social media influencers is in great hands with people like Nour Khodr, the Top Talent team, and others leading the charge.